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Corporate Shifting

Are you looking for corporate relocation companies that can help you in your office relocation? You are now in the right place. Household-movers is India's one and only corporate relocation management company that works with India's best 200+ corporate relocation companies which are relocating premises of India's finest corporate across the country and globe.

Household-movers comes into the picture where more control, supervision, and customization is required, relating to the commercial movers. To start with, Household-movers have Stringent SLAs with all the empanelled vendors that are available for corporate relocation services. This SLA covers standards in terms of special packaging for corporate, delivery time and min damage rate commitments.

Household-movers serve the need for both office relocations services and serve the corporate relocations that are happening at an individual level.

For the corporate who are looking for corporate packers to relocate their offices, Household-movers assign a dedicated mover manager to them. That manager act as the one point of contact for relocation assistance that the relocating company might need. The manager actively takes up the relocation task and from availing quotations to comparing the commercial movers to initiating the entire task related to office shifting and finally to managing your escalations, everything is done strictly on their supervision.

For corporate that are looking forward to relocating at an individual level, we Household-movers have India's finest and premium corporate movers that will take up your relocation in a professional way. For such cases, we, relocate both households and vehicles along with ensuring that door to door relocation facility is provided to the customer at it's best.