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We, the Household-movers were formed to offer a full range of sustainable, international freight handling solutions from a 2 million sq.ft warehouse. We specialize in optimizing supply chains and provide a full warehousing and storage service to companies of all sizes. As India’s leading Household-movers, we are still the same great people with the same great service. We are bringing together knowledge and expertise with the goal of making your experience even better.

At Household-movers warehousing, we are committed to delivering the best customer service possible, whilst operating safely, honestly and with regard for the environment. We the most reliable and India’s top Household-movers are working with Felicitous Warehousing can receive an efficient, cost effective, end-to-end logistics and distribution service provided by our experienced team. Our port centric location means that customers can benefit from immediate transfer of their goods into racked warehouse spaces from the quayside direct to our modern facilities for deveining, storage and distribution.

  • Comprehensive freight handling solutions
  • Reduced supply chain costs
  • Inventory control and stock management
  • Fewer road miles and reduced carbon emissions
  • Experienced teams and extensive, port-side facilities
  • Cost-effective distribution
  • Reduced waste (e.g. packaging materials)
  • Leading technology and WMS
  • Accelerated removal and/or release of cargo (through bonded warehouses)